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750 hours completed in not less than six months. Applicant must have had a Barber license not over one year to enroll for this program or using financial aid.

500 hours completed in not less than six months. Applicant must have a had a Barber license for over one year to enroll.

Students will only receive funds back at a time his / her Ledger shows a credit balance. Must have a good SAP (Satisfactory Academic Progress)
Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

300 hours completed in not less than eight weeks
Applicant must have had a Barber License to enroll

The primary mission of this program is to train our students to master the art & science of Barber-Styling and to instill in our students the importance of good public relations and for students to enter the job market as professional Barber Stylists.

  1. To train our students in current hair cutting trends through hands on instructional program.
  2. To teach those subject areas which are most needed for the Program and to emphasize those most needed for success.
  3. To assist students in finding employment at the conclusion of their training.
  4. To provide a hands-on instructional program, this will enable each student to progress as rapidly as capability permits.
  5. To develop professional qualities within each student.

The primary mission of this Program is to provide a program of education, which results in a student who has the necessary skills to become a licensed barber instructor and to enter the job market at an entry level position.

  1. To train our students in current instructional areas.
  2. To prepare our students for the state board of barber examination and to obtain a license to teach.
  3. To include in every program of study those subjects which are most needed for barber instructor Program.

Units of Instruction! Barber Stylist Program
1.    Orientation To Barbering
a.    Study Skills
b.    History of Barbering
c.     Professional Image

2.    The Science of Barbering
A.    I.    Microbiology
ii.    Bacteriology
iii.     Viruses    
iv.    Parasites

B.    Infection Control and Safe Work Practices
Levels and Control
Disinfection Procedures
Public and Rules of Sanitation
Safe Work Practices

C.    Implements, Tools and Equipments
Haircutting Shears
Trimmers and Clippers
Straight Razors
D.    Anatomy And Physiology
Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems
The skeletal, Muscular, Nerves and Circulatory System
The Lymphatic, Endocrine, Digestive Excretory, Respiratory and Reproduction Systems

E.     Chemistry
The basic Chemistry
Cosmetic Chemistry
Shampoos, Conditioners, Rinses and Tonics

F.    Electricity And Light Therapy
Electricity and Electrotherapy
Light Therapy

G.    Properties and Disorders of the Skin    
The structure of the hair
Hair growth and analysis
Hair loss
Disorder of the scalp and hair

a.    Treatment of the Hair and Scalp
Shampoo and conditioners
Scalp and Hair treatment

b.     Mens Facial Massage and Treatments
Subdermal systems  and facial massage
Theory of massage - procedures
Facial equipment and applications
Facial treatment - procedures

c.    Shaving and Facial Hair Design
Fundamentals of shaving - Procedure
Introduction to facial hair design
The mustache, beard - procedure

d.    Mens Hair cutting and Styling
The client consultation
Basic principles of hair cutting and styling
Fundamentals of Hair cutting
Safety precautions to haircutting/styling

e.    Mens Hair Replacement
Hair replacement systems and procedure
Cleaning and styling of hair replacement system and procedures
Selling hair replacement systems

f.    Advanced Barbering Services
a.    Women haircutting and styling
Basic haircutting
Blunt cut (o elevation) procedure
Graduated, layered
Cutting, curl hair textures
Hairstyling - Procedures

g.    Chemical Texture Services
Definition nature of chemical texture services
Client consultation
Permanent waving and chemical hair relax
Relaxing - Procedures

C.    Hair Coloring And Lightening
Characteristics and structure of hair
Color Theory
Hair coloring products - procedures
Special effects haircoloring and lightening
Special problems and corrective hair color - procedures
Coloring mustaches and beards
Hair coloring and lightening safety precautions
Nails And Manicuring
The Nail Unit
Nail disorders and diseases
Introduction to manicuring - procedures
Client consultation - procedures

5.    The Business of Barbering
a.    State board preparation and Licensing Laws
b.    The Job Search
Resume and preparing for employment interviews
c.    Barbershop Management
d.    Self Employment (Booth Rentals)
e.    Business Ownership
f.    Operating a Successful Barbershop
g.    Selling in the Barbershop

Instructors at Trend must teach students everything necessary for them to be able to work competitively and competently as Barbers/Manicurists. Students are taught everything they need to know in order to get started in the business. Instructors also share the wealth of their own experiences in the field.

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